Healing the Wounded Soul

Worthiness & Wounds Journaling Workbook

A Wounded Soul can be triggered at any time…any place.  What exactly does that mean?  There is pain and trauma around certain areas in your life.  You have long since tried to put some closure on a particular part of your life that you just want to move past, but you feel like you are constantly being drawn back to the day, time, and place of your wound. 

It can be an invisible illness that haunts you, an old relationship, a horrible fight with a friend or loved one…or it can be something you would rather not tell anyone about.  Instead of carrying that burden around waiting to be triggered, this workbook will help guide you through a process you can use again and again as needed.  When we don't heal our emotional triggers, we can get angry over and over again, shut-down, close people off, or use other coping mechanisms that we would rather avoid at all costs.

I am here to teach you a new way to deal with these triggers and learn to be compassionate with yourself. As we feel calm, safe and in control with our emotions, we start to take back our freedom and control from the situation or thing that triggered us.  You can actually learn how to respond.

The benefits include:

  • Identifying the wounds and doing the preliminary work around them
  • An increase in self-knowledge by using this form of journal therapy
  • It will increase your ability to listen to your own body...what it is saying and learning to practice the pause
  • Your ability for self-empathy will increase...you might have it for other people, but for yourself, it has been difficult at times
  • This work will strengthen your ability to interrupt self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Developing a better sense of self-compassion will continue as you practice the healing steps
  • And by using the steps with the affirmations, you will be provided with tools to help you form new neural pathways that will lift you up

You get the Healing the Wounded Soul Journaling Workbook which reads like an E-book plus 3 bonus journal worksheets to assist you on your journey.  It is delivered as soon as you order in the e-mail.  There is no waiting at all, so make sure to check the follow-up e-mail.