You asked, I answered.

You asked, I answered.
You asked, I answered.

As things come to me in dreams, it just so happens, I couldn't sleep one night.  It was a full moon as well.

I woke up and new what I had to do.  My people, YOU, needed more support as these times are not good to us mentally. 

I personally had put on about 7 pounds, not surprising to me as I would wonder in the kitchen and stare aimlessly out the window while talking my birds, eating my favorite snack of chips and salsa.  When I really get a "hankering", I will make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.  Most of you know that I developed autoimmune.  Anyway, things used to be easier before that, buy I don't dwell on what ifs.  They don't help me in the present moment.

I started posting stories on my Instagram account of myself talking to my birds.  TMI or entertainment?  I don't care really as it brings ME joy to feed the birds and say hi.  Plus if you follow me, honestly, it brings you a laugh as this one bird is like hiding from me every single time I go out there. 

Okay, so moving on right.  Ahem.  I have obviously been a bit distracted by the Pandemic.  Not in a good way.  I lost 6 accounts that had previously supported my family as the pandemic set in (locally, I ran social media accounts for small businesses and I totally understand my they had to reduce people). 

So let's just say I lost it for a minute last year as I also had another VERY good account lined up...telling me after months the contract was in the mail.  Note: do NOT count any chickens at all before they hatch.  The chickens did not hatch.  The chickens retracted said contract.

I had to pause my local yoga class as the restrictions were high here in Virginia.  Then I could open it up, but with different safety measure and limited space, pre-registered, etc.

You all ARE going through the same things.  I shut down a bit.  I did.  I had a cocoon of sadness for my child who NEVER went back to school since March of last year and graduated online, her senior year, early, this December and is now in what is called early college.  Teaching

Everyone was working from home here, and people needed a mental outlet.

So.  My Club was going through the same things, all in different locations.  So one night, I couldn't sleep and it came to me.  We need nice surprises.  I am so very tired of all the unpleasant surprises.  What can I do for them?  For you?  And it hit me. 

We need levels of support as not everyone is in the same place.  So I did a love chat with them and they loved the idea of a surprise thing.  Then it morphed into how does this work?  Then I realized what was needed.

We will have a green level, or just learning level.  << You get to stay there as long as you want. 

HELPS YOU in this way:

  • Novice learner
  • Doesn't know much about journaling, but wants to start
  • Would like to try basic meditation, but not too much complication
  • Would like to learn about yoga, if it's EASY and can do from a chair as well (you are at your desk)
  • You want to learn how to sleep better
  • You are interested in feeling rested by starting self-care practices, but don't know how and where to begin
  • You want a group of people to support you, that you don't EVER have to see or clean your house for
  • You can take the people OR leave the people
  • You can login on your own or ask for help and show up to the chats

Then I am adding on after you have done that to a new PURPLE << level, which means, you have gotten the basics and need a bit more accountability and activities:

  • You have created your habits and now want to journal using prompts so you don't have to think of what to write (and it helps you)
  • You still don't have to invite anyone over as you can't anyway, but we're here if you need us
  • You get extra cool things like a hobby boost, and people who are working on the same passions as you, or maybe you will learn something NEW
  • You are interested in herbs, plants, oils, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and such, BUT you don't know where to start
  • You want to know about skincare maybe, but in a natural way, and might want to learn face yoga one month as a new self-care thing
  • You are ready to take your learning to the next level

There will be one more level, but I want you to get comfortable here first as that is my surprise level that will have an extra Zoom meeting around something we all want to learn as well as a new series of 5 minute resets I am doing just around what they want to learn and need right now.

The cool thing about this, is that you will have your support levels, even during difficult times.  Tomorrow is a chat around this and I would love to have you learn more.  Try the "just learning" level out for a month right now and see what you think.  Ask me anything for the next month.  Trust me, this is going to be fun.  All from your own home. 

Speak with you soon-