Aimee Halpin

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Get ready to still the thoughts of your head, connect to your heart, and improve your overall health. 

Head|Heart|Health Club teaches you how to control your thoughts, connect with your desires, and improve your overall health.

  • “I want you to know that because of your journal prompt today, I sat down and wrote 5 pages in my journal. I haven't written like that in years, especially when it's POSITIVE. So THANK YOU, love. ”


  • “I'm already loving the intimacy of this group. I get a real sense that we are all in a place of growth, often interpreted as struggle. Got up too late this morning to journal, but I will later.
    Thank YOU all for showing up ! ”

  • “While out on a 4-month disability leave from work, I've fallen into the habit of being online (and on FB) while in bed and into the wee hours. However, LAST NIGHT, I did my journaling in bed and at the end of it, I felt calm and relaxed.
    I'm thankful and grateful for the feelings that journaling elicited and will feel calm and relaxed after more journaling! ”

  • “I know it is a huge surprise to me but I have been procrastinating in my life for more than 5 years, scared to move forward and in fear of the past coming back to get me. So I uttered the most powerful words I have ever said which are "I Am Done!" It's time to move forward and "let it go"
    I just want to thank Aimee for the support, advice and most of all for this wonderful group! Next I want to thank everyone in this group that has offered advice and support.
    The future looks bright! ”